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Here is the history of the more important updates. I won't keep track of new lyrics added.

[20.12.2005] Added more stats to the index for your convenience (see below) and fixed indexes of some bands (The Toasters, for example), which didn't list all songs. I got an e-mail from a visitor who said the copyright statement isn't clear enough when it comes to covers, so hopefully a link to the whole text from every song's page will solve the issue. Lastly, I changed the color of text links within the page to fit with the color scheme better.

[1.10.2005] A truckload of new lyrics this time. I'm on a roll here! I put some Google ads on these pages. The site is still non-profit, that's only to try to cover a few expenses and I assure you I won't discontinue the Archive if I don't earn much from those ads.

[27.2.2005] The Archive is back after a full month downtime. Believe me, I could do nothing quick against the allmighty gods of domain registration companies, who decided the was too obscure to reactivate (they took the money nonetheless). Well, the problem is solved now and we go on. Lookie, 3000+ songs!

[31.8.2004] Fixed headers of all songs so the font is uniform and fixed a lot of other bugs. Automated script for counting songs added (tnx to Strahd!), so the actual numbers match. Renovated form for submissions - you can now send attachments. Plus, of course, a bunch of lyrics.

[29.3.2004] Some style changes (played with css again).

[11.6.2003] I installed an on-site guestbook so you won't have to watch all the ads at the Dreambook's site :) All previous posts have been lost, so fill the new one quickly. Here it is.

[3.2.2003] Another milestone has been reached, ie. more than 100 artists are listed on the Archive from now on. Need I give another evidence that ska isn't dead? On we go!

[5.1.2003] The logo contest is over. You can admire the new Ska Lyric Archive logo and banner if you want, I like them. Tnx, Stephanie.

[25.12.2002] The "Back" button is.. em.. back (don't know where it went, what matters is that it's back ;-) ) And because the contest wasn't too popular with you (a total of five etries came) I decided to prolong it 'till the new year.

[8.12.2002] This week marks the start of the contest for The Ska Lyric Archive's logo design.

[29.11.2002] Solved some minor issues with the new design. Also some changes to the posting page.

[26.11.2002] The Ska Lyric Archive is redesigned. The colour scheme is completely changed (apart from the background and links) and I hope that it looks better now. There's no change to the layout - I think it's good such as it is and changing it would require too much time. For all who want to see, what the page looked like before, here's the picture of the old design.

[27.10.2002] As you may have noticed, The Ska Lyric Archive has gone over the 2000 song line. Almost exactly a year passed since the 1000-song line was reached and I intend the next 1000 to go even faster :)

[22.8.2002] BeSeen, providers of the Quizlet free service have decided to end the offer, so I had to remove it completely. Anyway, I was getting strange readings on it before that. Here are results of the poll:
Rate this page (5 is the best).
1 = 33%
2 = 23%
3 = 6%
4 = 10%
5 = 29%
You don't seem very satisfied with the page (obviously). Then why don't you suggest anything? I'm really trying to improve it but if you don't say anything I don't have a clue what would you want. So please, go here and spit it out.
Keep skanking.

[15.6.2002] Minor change to copyrigt notices and default table height. The crediting system is also changed. Contributors are listed on a special page, sorted by the number of songs. New legal notice and some bugfixes too.

[19.5.2002] I have made a decision to accept lyrics from every band who have published at least one full-length album here, not only the most known ones.

[1.5.2002] Colored scrollbar is very popular on the net lately so I added this function here. Also changed the poll question. The results from previous were:

  • 35% of you listen to 1st-wave ska,
  • 18% listen to second-wave
  • 24% to third-wave
  • 16% to ska-core (ska-punk)
  • and 7% to something else

192 people voted. Maybe I will repeat this question some day.

[31.3.2002] Every page now has the "back" button.

[30.3.2002] Ska Lyric Archive relaunched. Apart from the obvious changes, i.e. section name changes, and PHP file extensions (instead of HTML), the size of the whole site is about two-thirds smaller. Songs are again organized in directories and everything is much cleaner and easier to update.

[2.3.2002] Started building PHP version of the page. There's no word describing how much easier the life with PHP is :)

[17.2.2002] Ska Lyric Archive got a hit counter! Counting starts with february, because older server logs got deleted by a mistake.

[10.2.2002] Changed the name of Webmaster section to About. There are now also some words about this page.

[4.1.2002] You decided in the instant poll that you would like to have the songs organized alphabetically. As you wish...

[1.11.2001] Exceeded the number of 1000 songs! I had some problems with uploading in the meantime, but they are solved now.

[21.8.2001] The site is completely renovated, because I took over the webmastering from Carl Wells. It is moved from to Also a bunch of new lyrics.




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