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::: 113 :::

entry by ahnaf at the day of 10.09.05 at 7:56 h

text: ska punk skinhead
::: 112 :::

entry by skafanbrandon at the day of 06.09.05 at 23:44 h

text: this is decent site, it has all the ska bands ive ever heard of and then some
::: 111 :::

entry by evan at the day of 06.09.05 at 21:58 h

text: ska is my passion
i am truly addicted to ska
::: 110 :::

entry by jinnokat at the day of 06.09.05 at 15:42 h

text: chinkees live in phil.ska very nice music stay cool..
::: 109 :::

entry by jinnokat at the day of 06.09.05 at 15:40 h

text: ska d'best
::: 108 :::

entry by Esteban at the day of 01.09.05 at 21:24 h

text: This web is AMAZING.... and I wish some people just shut the fuck up a little bit.
To all the SKA fans, please send more lyrics and help this web to be greater and greater....
Long life to the SKA music all over the world....!!!!
Esteban - from Argentina
::: 107 :::

entry by fucking boy at the day of 21.08.05 at 12:35 h

text: this is the bad situs that I ever open,,, did you know??? this is the fucking shit website,,,, fuck you
comment: Care to explain why? If no, fuck you too. Asshole.
::: 106 :::

entry by boegiel at the day of 21.08.05 at 12:24 h

text: no comment
::: 105 :::

entry by AreYouRude at the day of 22.06.05 at 8:33 h

text: stay rude,stay rebel!
::: 104 :::

entry by Heidi at the day of 09.06.05 at 7:05 h

text: Hello, I want to collaborate with lyrics
::: 103 :::

entry by cautereyes at the day of 06.06.05 at 17:19 h

text: et los tres puntos ????
::: 102 :::

entry by tonysibthorpe at the day of 06.06.05 at 12:58 h

::: 101 :::

entry by maciel at the day of 03.06.05 at 4:30 h

text: me late un putero jamaica 69 y me lateria ke ubiera 2 k 3 rolas de ellos al chile tokan bien chingon camra haber cuando tokan por aki en mexico
::: 100 :::

entry by ian gwynne at the day of 25.05.05 at 21:08 h

text: Great site. Some Spunge lyrics would be great too
::: 99 :::

entry by Trojan at the day of 23.05.05 at 18:51 h

text: great site but do you think you could get any zeb baseball bat lyrics, i cant find them any were. thanks
::: 98 :::

entry by anperazo at the day of 18.05.05 at 19:24 h

text: I need ome selecter´s lyrics for my band specially carry go bring come.
comment: Carry Go Bring Come is originally performed by Desmond Dekker. The lyrics are there. For other Selecter lyrics see Selecter entry in the archive.
::: 97 :::

entry by Dooby at the day of 12.05.05 at 19:51 h

text: hey everybody!!
really nice site but it misses a wellknown song:skinhead girl from the specials
::: 96 :::

entry by Andrew Preston at the day of 11.05.05 at 12:54 h

text: Hi

Does anyone know the lyrics to 'Apache', as done by the Ska-Dows. I have the single from way back, but the vocalist does get a bit drowned out by the players giving it their all. Great single. Anyone help.?

::: 95 :::

entry by vicky lozano at the day of 03.05.05 at 20:54 h

text: Hey everybody its me vicky a.k.a ska kidd well just want to say that i love ska and ska bands don't waste your time sitting there stand up and skank!!
::: 94 :::

entry by alejandralemuz at the day of 22.04.05 at 16:10 h

text: I love ska-p and panteón rococo
::: 93 :::

entry by AsianSka at the day of 16.04.05 at 23:31 h

text: cool site
::: 92 :::

entry by Skankin\' Kate at the day of 13.04.05 at 21:24 h

text: Just wanted to say that this site is freakin' awesome. Thank god someone has SHJ lyrics! I'd like to see some more Rx Bandits- but honestly, this site is so amazing, I could never complain. Ciao!
::: 91 :::

entry by Lilian at the day of 07.04.05 at 12:43 h

text: Hi there! I used to sing that song when I was with Son of Blob, until two years ago. Great song, one of my favourites!!! The original score is from Ritchie & the Losers.
::: 90 :::

entry by SpacedruM at the day of 03.04.05 at 16:43 h

text: Anyone know who did "White Shoes" in the eighties?
....white shoes coming on strong....white shoes can't go wrong....white shoes make you wanna dance....white shoes make romance. Please email me if you know who did that track
::: 89 :::

entry by alaska at the day of 03.04.05 at 0:16 h

text: SKA live in Poland!!!
Many kisses from Crakow to every rude boys.
::: 88 :::

entry by Harlee at the day of 22.03.05 at 22:02 h

text: I'm a new ska fan and i was jsut looking for lyrics to see if maybe i'd like any of these bands i just recently heard of
::: 87 :::

entry by Rude Girl at the day of 16.03.05 at 22:29 h

text: Hi, me again... Still missing two of the best Judge Dread lyrics. "Bring back the skins" and "All in the mind". Cant find them anywhere else on the net either.
::: 86 :::

entry by Lucy at the day of 07.03.05 at 11:48 h

text: What a great site! But please, PLEASE get it a search capacity, for song titles/keywords. Then it would be...perfect.
::: 85 :::

entry by Eden Moeser at the day of 28.02.05 at 19:09 h

text: This is on of the best sites ever! (sorry, you dont beat five iron frenzy)
i am oh so ska licious
::: 84 :::

entry by Paola at the day of 10.01.05 at 17:31 h

text: I just want some lyrics of ska-p I have some but I need others, thanks
::: 83 :::

entry by Rude Girl at the day of 10.01.05 at 16:09 h

text: More judge dread lyrics would be nice (especially "bring back the skins")

Can give you a tip too, there is a Swedish Ska-band named "The Bustups" that are pretty nice =)

::: 82 :::

entry by Ale at the day of 06.11.04 at 21:51 h

text: hi
::: 81 :::

entry by Lesya at the day of 28.10.04 at 0:24 h

text: This's realy awsome site! If anyone wants to meet Russian Ska-fan. Write a letter! I'll be very glad!:-)))
::: 80 :::

entry by dWi HbsiCkMiNd at the day of 15.10.04 at 10:16 h

text: ska Oh, YeaH
::: 79 :::

entry by No Ties Band at the day of 06.10.04 at 10:28 h

text: Rude Boys + Jamaica's sons = NoTiesBand
Forza Unione Venezia-Mestre by Rude Fans
::: 78 :::

entry by Drew at the day of 28.09.04 at 21:44 h

text: Awsome site man, I love it.
::: 77 :::

entry by alma69 at the day of 22.09.04 at 18:27 h

text: de aqui decolombia les habla santiago integrante dela rude boy unity de colombia, salodos
aqui seguimos en pie.
stay rude, stay rebel,stay rude boy
resistencia obrera
::: 76 :::

entry by (oLo at the day of 21.09.04 at 14:45 h

text: Ska MP3 - Ska Band fromn Argentine...
Download free
::: 75 :::

entry by iror at the day of 19.09.04 at 12:34 h

text: when are you gonna post lyrics for ocean11? you have some hepcat. but over all yur site's dopamine$
::: 74 :::

entry by NO TIES BAND at the day of 14.09.04 at 19:57 h

::: 73 :::

entry by Octavianus at the day of 06.09.04 at 16:26 h


Some few other lyrics from No Sports (and from their official Homepage)
::: 72 :::

entry by Fer at the day of 05.09.04 at 16:47 h

Thank you very much SKA!!!
comment: Er... look under the letter S. You cant miss the entries.
::: 71 :::

entry by Fernando at the day of 05.09.04 at 16:39 h

text: Very good!!!!
muy buena!!!!!
::: 70 :::

entry by Octavianus at the day of 04.09.04 at 13:02 h


Some lyrics from the band Blascore, hope you'll add them.
comment: Thanks, they will be up the next time I update the Archive.
::: 69 :::

entry by Octavianus at the day of 04.09.04 at 12:56 h

text: Good Site!
But I'm missing lyrics from Skaos, perhaps you'll get them later.
I'm still searching for "Better beware"
comment: I cant find Skaos lyrics either as much as Id like to.
::: 68 :::

entry by juan pio at the day of 01.09.04 at 9:04 h

text: two tone army
::: 67 :::

entry by Rudie at the day of 01.09.04 at 4:33 h

text: Btw Letter links at the top arent working only way i found to get to the lyrics was thrue the complete listing...
comment: Fixed. Tnx.
::: 66 :::

entry by luntx at the day of 26.08.04 at 12:36 h

text: i need lyrics and guitar chords of some famous ska songs:
mad about you.
sally brown.
jamica ska.
sammy dead.
wanna help me?
comment: Jamaica ska is performed by Fishbone, I think Bad Manners perform Sally Brown and Skinhead. Don\'t have all the lyrics, but some you can find here.
::: 65 :::

entry by katy at the day of 18.08.04 at 23:19 h

text: i wuld love it if sum1 culd tell me who sings "all or nothing its something like the cellar beat alliance or summit i culdnt make out wt the guy sed!and the lyrics wuld b dandy too if ya culd help it wuld b great thanks!
::: 64 :::

entry by sarah at the day of 13.08.04 at 17:34 h

text: Hi!

I'm looking for the lyrics to the classic "That Lonely Feeling" by the Gaylets. I'd be very happy if someone could help me with this one!!!
::: 63 :::

entry by Kat Easthope at the day of 09.08.04 at 15:04 h

text: Calamities -

Try looking for I'm in the mood for love

It's normally recorded under this title.

::: 62 :::

entry by pedrito at the day of 09.08.04 at 10:48 h

text: does any one heard this song? i dont know the name of the band , i used to heard it in the 80s , it started with a piano in two tones , then a sax with five more, i can only remember the lirycs: till i found you , never felt this way before, any help thank you
::: 61 :::

entry by timm at the day of 06.08.04 at 13:28 h

text: Desorden Publico from Venezuela published their new album.

Stay Rude!
::: 60 :::

entry by Edd at the day of 04.08.04 at 19:22 h

text: Hey!!!
::: 59 :::

entry by skadows at the day of 19.07.04 at 16:30 h

::: 58 :::

entry by Ari Atari at the day of 14.07.04 at 7:52 h

text: check out The Ninjas! ann arbor ska band and they're pretty sweet. i dont know they're lyrics but if you can find them please add them to this site!
::: 57 :::

entry by Nick Smith at the day of 08.07.04 at 3:21 h

text: I have a ska website at, and I tohught you might want to do a banner exchange. I display your banner at the top of my site, and you display my banner at the top of yours... Email me if you are interested...
::: 56 :::

entry by Nick Pascual at the day of 27.06.04 at 14:39 h

text: very nice site!!! can i add lyrics from the local ska scene here in the philippines?

if you guys have time, you can check out

::: 55 :::

entry by Jinte Dhelft at the day of 23.06.04 at 13:18 h

text: props to who built this site!

any chance that the lyrics of Slackers' last EP will be online any time soon?
::: 54 :::

entry by beltz at the day of 19.06.04 at 18:05 h

text: Alguien podria enviarme o decirme donde encontrar la letra de la cancion "Nigel" de los Hepcat ??? - muchas gracias anticipadas ^^
::: 53 :::

entry by Ethan at the day of 10.06.04 at 19:25 h

text: Where are the Engine 54 lyrics has everyone forgotten about Engine 54? I've looked every where its like Engine 54 never existed.

How come everyone has forgotten one of the Northwest's neigh the world's finest ska bands.
::: 52 :::

entry by partydevil at the day of 29.05.04 at 20:00 h

text: i want BOO! - champion and all of arrogant worms
can you do that?
i hope

::: 51 :::

entry by Zwit at the day of 09.05.04 at 21:18 h

text: greetings from Holland
::: 50 :::

entry by Calamities at the day of 07.05.04 at 17:36 h

text: We are looking for the lyrics I'M IN THE MOOD FOR SKA from the Skatalites. Would be great if somebody could help the Calamities - all female ska from Germany

And a note to Ernst CARRY GO BRING COME is written by Justin Hines. Greetings
::: 49 :::

entry by eric at the day of 29.04.04 at 4:00 h

text: wow. i got a response. big thanx. i hate to be annoying: "think again", as listed as being done by the mighty mighty bosstones is a cover done by minor threat. otherwise, GREAT SITE.
::: 48 :::

entry by Mr.Ernst at the day of 21.04.04 at 12:53 h

text: Who rote carry go bring come, can't find the lyrics... There are so many bands who did this sons....
::: 47 :::

entry by NIGEL at the day of 20.04.04 at 4:42 h

::: 46 :::

entry by Raúl Sánchez at the day of 09.04.04 at 9:13 h

text: Hi, I looking for ska lyrics from discs of Trojan. If you have them, please, write me.
::: 45 :::

entry by mouse at the day of 07.04.04 at 7:06 h

text: ahh
::: 44 :::

entry by izatskin at the day of 21.03.04 at 17:09 h

text: this web are realy good to who joins the skinhead
::: 43 :::

entry by arnau-lenin gols at the day of 21.03.04 at 0:28 h

text: Visca la música Ska, Hepcat, Skarface i Skalariak sobre todo, es un website muy bueno, seguid así a contracorriente de las grandes corrientes, felicidades!!
::: 42 :::

entry by tatum lng cguro ah? at the day of 15.03.04 at 5:57 h

text: great site u got! viva ska! viva run lucy run! viva selecter!!! arrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!
::: 41 :::

entry by Tim at the day of 08.03.04 at 19:52 h

text: I run the ska show at my radio station here, and would like to extend a thanks to all those who contribute to this page, for I utilize it often to filter out the NFA's (bad language) for on air when we get archived stuff in. Makes the clearing process that much quiicker, so...thanks!
::: 40 :::

entry by dan enwright at the day of 29.02.04 at 17:47 h

text: this is great! i'm a huge ska fan and listen to songs, but can never figure them out completely. this is a great help. the busters are the best, but hard to find.
::: 39 :::

entry by Rudy\'s Skandal at the day of 22.02.04 at 14:24 h

text: Thanks for all these lyrics. Used to listen and write them my selve, but that ain't easy as a Dutchman!

Thumbs up!
::: 38 :::

entry by moin at the day of 20.02.04 at 20:52 h

text: moin
::: 37 :::

entry by Benjamin Flynn at the day of 01.02.04 at 21:30 h

text: Lyrics to Samfie Man by The Pioneers would be great. Skinhead reggae ,2-Tone and Go-Feet,BadManners,Trojan,Treasure Isle,Lee Perry,etc....There is a lifetime of funky joy out there.From my first listen of The Specials in '80 I have been hooked.Skinhead Girl by Simaryp has the best lyrics, no wait People Funny Boy, no This Woman by D.Dekker is the best. How can one choose.I keep finding jewels out there, and I am from Buffalo for Jah's sake. Fuck art ,Let's Dance
::: 36 :::

entry by Glenn at the day of 01.02.04 at 3:52 h

text: Great site!! Anyone have the lyrics to Selecter's "Too Much Pressure"
::: 35 :::

entry by ...not_dead... at the day of 29.01.04 at 3:26 h

text: let's be changed link's! you beside I already stand in friends!
comment: You got it.
::: 34 :::

entry by B Maze at the day of 15.01.04 at 6:10 h

text: i tried to submit lyrics and i dunno if they went through. then i tried to submit a suggestion saying i didn't know if my submission went through, and i dunno if THAT went through either

and it was for "SO THIS IS THE NIGHT" by The Slackers and i love that song.
::: 33 :::

entry by XchadX at the day of 15.01.04 at 6:08 h

text: Please, PLEASE, someone tell me they know these lyrics....

"You got curves like a rollercoaster, you took me for a hell of a ride"

Please e-mail me with the answer, this is thus far a 2 year long quest
::: 32 :::

entry by ¤ du.ska.rel ¤ at the day of 05.01.04 at 22:47 h

text: Mr walt jabscoes sock !
Mr Aitken sings about the [cuccumacca] (dont know either how to write it) stick, some stick made of a plant (more information about this is on the reverse of the long-playing record... i really recommend to search the lyrics of this song and put them here!
::: 31 :::

entry by Pepo - A77AQUE at the day of 28.12.03 at 22:46 h

text: Aguante Ska-p, a ver cuando vienen a la Argentina.
::: 30 :::

entry by walt jabscoes socki oughtta at the day of 27.12.03 at 13:32 h

text: what does Mr Aitken/Mr Bloodvessel sing on Sally Brown' she's gonna hit you with a ??????????? stick?
any enlighteners here
::: 29 :::

entry by Zakk Flash at the day of 11.12.03 at 4:44 h

text: I made a shortcut for your website, so its more easily accessible.
comment: Err... Thanks, I guess.
::: 28 :::

entry by Dr. Maluma at the day of 10.12.03 at 21:22 h

text: Good ska site (0;=

The best from Germany
::: 27 :::

entry by momot at the day of 24.11.03 at 8:17 h

text: ska ska ska!!!
::: 26 :::

entry by nejc pajk at the day of 14.11.03 at 17:04 h

::: 25 :::

entry by SKALARI at the day of 08.11.03 at 0:48 h

::: 24 :::

entry by Martika Lopez at the day of 28.10.03 at 23:18 h

text: hey i have some lyrics i would like to sudmit but i dont know how to go about that can any one help me? well i love the site and wish you had SE lyrics
::: 23 :::

entry by Misty Lopez at the day of 28.10.03 at 23:10 h

text: Awesome Site,Ilove it but i see no Synthetic Element Lyrics :(
::: 22 :::

entry by Misty moser at the day of 28.10.03 at 23:05 h

text: Am I Evil? Yes I Am!
::: 21 :::

entry by Glenn Klotz at the day of 21.10.03 at 16:03 h

text: Great site!!! Keep up the good work!! Do you by any chance know where I could find the lyrics to Selecter;s Too Much Pressure??
::: 20 :::

entry by eric at the day of 07.10.03 at 23:55 h

text: why is operation ivy not credited with the song unity, covered by reed big fish? excellent site, but to do this is just wrong
comment: I found the rest of their lyrics now, so it will be fixed soon. Thanks for the note.
::: 19 :::

entry by Katie at the day of 30.09.03 at 3:14 h

text: Hey will you see if you can get some lyrics of Streetlight Manifesto?
::: 18 :::

entry by hey at the day of 22.09.03 at 3:19 h

text: The Reel Big Fish link for "The kids don't like it" doesn't work...fix it or feel the wrath of more complaints...probably
comment: Fixed. Tnx for noticing.
::: 17 :::

entry by Scott is cool at the day of 15.09.03 at 20:56 h

text: uh...I'm so cool...oi
::: 16 :::

entry by Chris Hall at the day of 09.09.03 at 18:34 h

text: Best site every.....for lyrics, woooo!
::: 15 :::

entry by Rille at the day of 31.08.03 at 18:34 h

text: Skinhead reggae rules! =)
::: 14 :::

entry by ..::MeLissA!::..=] at the day of 29.08.03 at 5:21 h

text: SKA! SKA! SKA! =] Me Love The SKA! greAT pAge ya got heRe! Two ThumbS up!!well SKadios!!!!=]
::: 13 :::

entry by Lin at the day of 28.08.03 at 0:42 h

text: I've been looking for the lyrics of "Rainy Day" by Mr. Review for ages.. Who can help me out?
::: 12 :::

entry by Yngve at the day of 19.08.03 at 10:49 h

text: Great site, but I miss one lyric, that I can´t seem to find anywhere: Longshot Kick The Bucket...
Also check out my photos on:
::: 11 :::

entry by Phil from Margate at the day of 09.08.03 at 20:37 h

text: Great site, thanks.
::: 10 :::

entry by Vedran Vekic at the day of 06.08.03 at 14:36 h

text: apoyo a SKA-P!!
stop al fascismo! libertad! anarkia!
::: 9 :::

entry by Santa at the day of 01.08.03 at 10:58 h

text: check for Ska, Reggae, Ragga from germany..
::: 8 :::

entry by im in a ska band now at the day of 31.07.03 at 21:02 h

text: this page is amazing i actually found some great ska bands that i now love and i never heard of them before ska rules
::: 7 :::

entry by melissa at the day of 23.07.03 at 0:51 h

text: i'm trying to submit some lyrics, but i can't because i don't know the email address and i don't have outlook. help me out or something.
::: 6 :::

entry by mira at the day of 21.07.03 at 16:32 h

text: thank you very much.
this is my favorite music page!!
::: 5 :::

entry by (¯`·._.·[SkAnKiN\' BiTcH]·._.·´¯) at the day of 10.07.03 at 4:56 h

text: hey hey hi love the page, use it all the time!!! PLANET SMASHERS ALL THE WAY!*!*!
::: 4 :::

entry by Finni at the day of 25.06.03 at 18:39 h

text: hello
great page
maybe you can put some lyrics in your site from out of frame
austrian ska-fun band
::: 3 :::

entry by Tim at the day of 25.06.03 at 11:36 h

text: Thanks,great site!!
::: 2 :::

entry by Dan Miller at the day of 18.06.03 at 2:36 h

text: Keep on skankin'
::: 1 :::

entry by mira at the day of 13.06.03 at 11:26 h

PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!
comment: Sorry, but I haven\'t been able to find their lyrics too. Working on it :)
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