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*** Spooky Graveyard ***

It doesn't matter who you are
It doesn't matter who you wanna be
'Cos is all ends in the yard
That's where they're dying, it's the place to be

You can't take it when you're gone
You can't take it past the walls of sleep
Better you pass it on
Money is the rich man's misery

Spend a lifetime accumulating wealth
But dem couldn't carry dat when dem skin starts ta melt
Family ball, family cry, family fight over wealth
Dem a send da family off en when dem past oooh

Da couldn't take dat past da pearly gates
Dem couldn't carry dat da past the fires of hell
Family tell, family love, family cry and some dem tell
But ah when dem see it most af in jail

Da wickedest t'ing me eva see
A dumb be fighten over in every town see
Da wickedest t'ing me eva see
Two dumb people fighten over in every town

When me talk, who forget, who for take, and who for carry
Dem can't carry down so dem weath are fe tarry
Family broken, family fight, family ball over wealth
When dem lookin at the eyes of the devil they'll tell...




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