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*** Ska Killers ***

It's the music of Jamaica
And I don't mean Jamaica Queens
And I heard it on an airwave
Coming up from New Orleans

Put a pistol in your pocket
Get up from your seat
I'll show you a step to pick up your rep
When you're dancing in the street

Ska killers, Toasters U.S.A.!

Some people call us trouble
Some people call us tough
Some people call us nasty names
But their girlfriends call us up

Cause they want to know the answer
To all the bad things that we do
A piece of lead up side your head
Is all we've got for you

Ska killers, Toasters U.S.A.!

So I heard it out in Brooklyn
And I heard it out in Queens
I heard it on the radio
On the road from New Orleans

So if you like to dance on weekends
Put a rachet on that beat
I'll show you a step to enhance your rep
If you're down on Orange Street

Ska killers, Toasters U.S.A.!




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