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*** Havana (This Gun For Hire) ***

A man in Havana
Packs a big cigar
With his loaded banana
He keeps one step outside the law
He knows that lots of
Sends the third man to the wire
When the shooting stops,
This gun's for hire

Sometimes it's for the money
Often it's for the fun
The job can be so messy
Be he always get them done
He can zoom on a target
That's ready to expire
When it's murder 1,
This gun's for hire


There's a G-man in the city
Spinning some Russian roulet
He lives on easy
By playing hard to get
When the fog horn blows
And the air waves catch a fire
You'll have to know
This gun's for hire

This gun's for hire
This gun's for hire
This gun's for hire

Hmmmm yea

This gun's for hire...




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