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*** Direction ***

Too mnay people tell me
What to do and how to be
I got 97 channels but there's nothing on TV
Information superhighway
Modem is on full
May as well hotwire a socket
Right into my skull

Direction! Direction! I need direction...

50 weekly tabloids
In my face to keep abreast
Of Michael's indiscretions
Or the size of Dolly's tits
Oprah's on a diet
She's talking 50 pounds
I need that junk food ballance
Keep my feet down on the ground

Computer network junkies
Calling on the phone
I got one eight hundred call lines
Pumping right into your home
Need some extra knowledge?
Got a database to loan
File it under couch potatos
In the twilight zone

Direction! Direction! I need direction...
Direction! Direction! Direction!
Which way to go!
I don't know!




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