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*** ABC's (Unity 2 version) ***

Bup bup bup blhu!

Inna de 'A' - Is for alcohol
Boom up the 'B' - That's for the booze ya know
I man canna see - That is for cocaine
Some say you might O.D. - And dope a running in your veins
Just like Belushi - That is for E-balls
Flip - flop the 'F' - Your future's written on the walls
Gang bang the 'G' - That is for greed
Shooting the ''H' - A very stupid, dangerous deed
Come me say 'I', 'I', 'I'... An intervenous injection
Jazz up the 'J' - C'mon jazzy, just try one
No more KKK - You're just another kook on crack
Lionel the 'L' - Stop fessin' 'cause it's drugs you lack
Mash up the 'M' - 'M' is for you mind...
Nuh nuh nuh 'N'! - You need narcotics just to unwind
Come me say oh, oh, pon a 'O' - You will get an overdose
Give I a 'P' - The price you pay for cuttin' it close


What's up with 'S' - Now it's a constant search for drugs
Sister Trish fe 'T' - And then you got beat up by thugs
You and 'U' - United we stand
Do we need MTV - I got some valium in my hand
Dup up 'W' - Is for woe is me
Where is Malcolm X - I also tried some ecstacy
Mister Lionel fe you ask why - The choice you make is yes or no
Zozo always fe 'Z' - So don't be a zero

You know...

These are the A B C's...




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