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*** Married Girl ***

she called me up on the sly
she said please dont tell all yer friends
becuz'they might tell my husband
an'then you know i'll never see you
you know he'll prob'ly try to beet you
and i'm sure he would beat me too
so i called you on the sly
please don't ask cause you know why.

i won't lie and say i like the way you talk at me
it's more something like in the way you gawk at me
and so i'll see you at six thirty

you know i told her only trouble
yeah, but that just made it double
more intriguing than the conversation
i said i'll meet you at the station
still i couldn't help but think
as i drank my beer to meet her,
what the hell'm i doin'
what the hell'm i gonna say?

...married girl don't you wanna
smoke a little marijuana
take some time and have a drink
and think about what yer gonna do to me
and married girl ain't you worried,
if our love is kinda hurried
that you'll be left wanting more
in the time after your man has murdered me

(bridge) baby when i saw you, i knew that i was a goner
and all those things i meant to say, well,
i just forgot in our first kiss

we threw your husband in that river
you know it made me kinda shiva
we sent flowers to his mother
all so we could see each other
it lasted for about three weeks
and now we dont even speak
and so i'm sitting here alone
and i'm sitting on the phone,...





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