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*** Lazy Woman ***

Lazy Woman,
Lazy Woman
I said Lazy Woman,
You're gonna made lose my head

I said you're always complaining
There's nothing ever change
But Lazy Woman,
you´re never getting out of bed

I know that life can be so hard
And you know that you're all I want
But Lazy Baby,
you gotta go and get a job

You drive me crazy woman,
crazy, crazy, woman
But you lazy baby,
you´re gonna made lose my head
Oh Yeah!

Hold me sweet at night,
Honey you love me, right?
But lazy baby,
you know that the money is tight

good morning,
good morning...

Lazy Woman,
Lazy Woman
Lazy Woman,
You're gonna made lose my head

You're drive me crazy woman
Lazy Lazy Woman
But I love you baby,
you'll never get out of bed

Honey, you're always complaining
That nothing, don't ever, change
But Lazy baby,
you're never getting out of bed

You're know that time is so hard,
and all I want is you, baby
I'm sorry to say,
You gotta get a job

Oh, lazy, lazy
Oh, you're so lazy, lazy
Honey you´re lazy lazy
Maney tight, money tight, money tight...




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