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*** Henderson Swamp ***

If I could just keep my head up
Like the trees down on henderson swamp
And make another day, that'll be O.K.
And I won't just die another chump

Well my head's been wed with envy
My feet's been tied with sin
The sweet smell of death is upon my breath
For every stroke I swim

My history forgets me
Notify my next of kin
'Cause I fear it true that you'd head (???) too (???)
All the trouble I was in


Well my pennies have all left my pockets
Down by where my guitar sleeps
Along with the ladies that I've left behind
Who now line the old back streets

Well my cap they call confusion
And the water come a-rushin' on in
I look to heaven and ask in fear
"Please Lord tell me how did I get here!"

He said "Young man you had to be angry
"Oh, young man you had to be free
"Yup, sounds correct and I hope that you're happy
"Sinkin' on, deep into the sea"





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