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*** And I Wonder ***

six months of separation
and you never laugh when i call anymore
the sound of your voice echoes in my head
like i am dead but not in heaven

all the fancy places we used to go
how far away, like a dream i used to know
and so you wonder why i cry?

six hours flying home
and there's no warm hand there to meet me
only the sound of baggage carousel
is the only sound that greets me

staring out the window on the ride home
faces stare at me as if they know i am alone
and so you wonder, why i cry?

six years in new york city
and im back on the block, where i say im living
people i know by name, don't know me
i never met them to begin with

opening the door down on president
counting the postcards that i wrote but never sent
and so you wonder why i cry?




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