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*** Greasy Girl ***

When they come in you can't miss them,
They're filling the place up
So fat so big they must apologise at every single step
When they appear I can't just stay like that: I feel the desire
I start to dream of this sweet feeling, to get lost inside them
I want my hands on a greasy girl
I love to play with a greasy girl
A big pair of teats falling on a big belly,
It's like swimming in jelly
The touching is soft, no bones around
Just pure flesh and pleasure
Try turn around to discover all,
You'll need hours and hours!
And put your dick in a floppy girl gives insides tighter
If they eat so much: something is missing them,
And often affection
So press their ass, discover their class :
In greasy girl, there's easy girl
Then any bang will make shake her all,
It's like a big pudding earthquake
With a strong smell during the effort and a strong breathing noise




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