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*** Cretin Ska ***

You let me think I'm a cretin, baby
You make me feel like a skanking stone
I can't believe you treat me bad baby
I can't believe that you change in all
You fool me to the North
You send me to the South
You fuck me to the West and the East
Everything's good for trouble baby
You search for it and you push me so
I can't believe you wish me bad baby
My life is hell and I thank you for
Call me stupid, no time to spare
So many girls outside to care
Call me cretin, and let me go
So many things that I want to know
You're out
Your time's over,
Gotta go
Stop once for all to treat me so
Hurry hurry cause I got to go
Bye for ever, vaya con dios
A bitch like you I just can say adios!




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