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*** I Can't Hide ***

I don't care about bad manners
It's more important just to get things clear
Therefore I might lose my politeness
I can't hide 'cos that's my life

When I go out there is no mercy
I wanna dance just the way I like
Even though the crowd is staring at my crazy feet
I can't hide 'cos that's my life

I can't hide that I don't care
About the things on which you swear

My look is part of my philosophy
Those older people always dress me down
Even if I'm nude my body-art is way too rude
I can't hide 'cos that's my life

I must admit that my job is not a hit
I earn my money but it's always tight
But count on this, I'm not betraying my ideals
I can't hide 'cos that's my life




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