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*** Chop Off ***

Well I know that you have the same desires
That I have theses days
I'm not talking bout the money
I'm not talking bout acknowledgement
You question yourself bout all the silly things you plan to do.
Is there a sense at all?
I can't give you answers, too
But I can tell you there are different ways to view the world

I think that it's time to get away from all this
I think that it's time to get away from all this
If you ask me I'd say let's get away
It's time to pack your back and chop off with me
We both know that in this show
There's just no place for us to be
There's just no part for us to play
... so let's get away

I'd like to travel away for miles
And miles and miles and miles
Away from all the jealousy and desperate souls
I have to get away to stay away
For years and years and years
Past the maze of dusty roads, walking on hot coals





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