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About dis page: this is a non-profit ska-dedicated page. As you can probably see, it's got no annoying commercials, because it's placed on a personal server owned by a friend of mine. The consequence is that it's sometimes unaccesible (he's a real OS-upgrading freak :) ) Hope that isn't too much of a problem and that you like a clean page more.
Don't be too annoyed if the updates are somewhat infrequent... that's because I have other important things to do in my life too. Besides, it's getting harder and harder to find new lyrics. I will do my best not to let this page get dusty and update it when I get something new. But it's you who count. Keep returning, spread the word about it, and, most important, go out there and skank. Don't rot at your computer!
Policy: I accept lyrics from ska bands who have published at least one full-length album. This is to prevent every garage band from appearing as it would be kinda confusing.

Legal horrors: the webmaster (me) doesn't claim any rigts over any part of the lyrics published. If you use them, give credit to their owners.
The Copyright notice on the individual bands' pages is generic and doesn't describe cover songs. They are copyright of their respective owners. Unfortunately it isn't possible to mention authors of every song, but that doesn't mean I presume anything about the copyright.
Some texts may be incorrect because they are ear-transcribed, or for any other reason. Please contact me if you find any such errors.

About me, da webmaster: my name is Jernej Polajnar, I come from Vrhnika, Slovenia. I listen mainly to 2-Tone, specialising in German bands.
My homepage is not in such state that I'd want to show it, so explore this one instead and go here if there's something you want to ask me.




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